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Residents in SHOCK: A concert WILL HAPPEN on Reykjavik CULTURE NIGHT - "Noone expected this"

A lot of Reykjavík residents are at a loss. The Reason? Rumours have been spreading that an actual concert will be held on Menningarnótt (Reykjavík Culture Night). The rumours have now been confirmed.

On Ingólfsstræti 20, outside of the venue R6013, a makeshift stage will be set up where a few grasroots bands from very varied genres and backgrounds will perform.

The schedule is as follows:

14:30 Einakróna

15:30 MSEA

16:30 Róshildur

17:30 Godchilla

18:30 Draugar

19:30 Flesh Machine

20:30 Geigen

At the same time a street market will be at the concert site, with people selling clothes and all sorts of things, as well as there will be vegan food available. asked a person who’s lived in Reykjavík for dozens of years what they thought of the news. They preferred to remain nameless.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing before, a concert on Menningarnótt. Guess people have to try everything. And maybe it’s been done before and I missed it. But I was in total shock. I think I’ll always remember where I was when I first heard, having a pint in Gullöldin in Grafarvogur.”

The group of people they were with when they heard had felt the same.

“Everyone at the table had a similar reaction to it. Noone expected this. Where did someone get this idea?”


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