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An excavated coffin was filled with SLIME - Turns out a WHOLE BAND was in there: Soon a RELEASE SHOW

Archeologists were in for quite a surprise recently when excavating a gravesite. A coffin they dug up was filled to the brim with mucky slime and when they looked closer, they realized a whole band was inside it as well. To add to the scientist’s shock, the band stated they’re playing a release show in a couple of days.

The band, aptly named Graveslime, released an album twenty years ago but one of the members lost their hearing before they ever managed to do a release show. His hearing eventually came back but the chance for the show was forever lost in time, like snot in slime.

The album, Roughness and Toughness, was originally released on CD but was recorded on tape and as such should always have had a vinyl release. On the anniversary of the record, the band decided to crowdfund the vinyl release and finally play the accursed show

It will happen in the old Nýló part of Kex Hostel, Kexverksmiðjan (lower floor) next Thursday, 31st of August, and Dauðyflin and Godchilla will rile up the mob before Graveslime start.

The place opens at 20:00 and the concert starts half an hour later. More info here and tickets can be found here.


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